Regular Magazine
Brand Identity and issue "0" creation for a typograpy focused fanzine.
Regular is a "showcase focused typography magazine", a fanzine about great typography analized under technical and artistic aspects. Founded by Michele De Vita and Jack Marelli (myself) in 2023, went throught many identity redesigns and adjustments.
"Regular ain't your typical typography magazine bossing you around with what fonts to use. Nah! Each month, we'll hook you up with the juiciest typo news, unveil the most mesmerizing font of the month, and drop some mind-blowing typographic tricks that'll leave you saying, 'Whoa! So buckle up, typo explorers, 'cause Regular's about to rock your typophile world!"
The first issue already exists in EPUB format, but it's not yet available for purchase. We are working throught a way cooler printed version that will involve controversial covers and material processing. Stay tuded on this one!